Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roads and Places of the Texas Revolution

Indulge in your passion for Texas history by using the following interactive map to examine roads and places that played important roles in early Texas.  Study the mission period during Spanish Colonial times, and learn about each location and its associated history.  See how the American colonists established towns and roads when Texas was a Mexican state.  Follow Sam Houston as he led his rag-tag “army” from Gonzales to San Jacinto in 1836; do likewise for the Mexican army as it swept across Texas in an attempt to forcibly quash the incipient revolution and punish the Texian colonists.  See where and learn about every significant battle that has taken place on Texas soil, from a major defeat of Apaches by Comanches in 1724, to the bloodiest single engagement in the Battle of Medina in 1813, to Gonzales, the Alamo, Goliad and San Jacinto, to the Civil War and the Red River War with the Comanches in 1874.

Click on the following two links to go to the interactive map, and a description and user guide.

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