Sunday, February 3, 2019

Travels in Spanish and Mexican Texas

     Travelers have written about Texas for a long time.  Observations of the first Spaniard to sail along the Gulf Coast were recorded in 1519.  Cabeza de Vaca told of his visit in the late 1530s, as did participants in the Coronado and DeSoto expeditions in the 1540s.  More entradas into Texas came after New Mexico was settled in the 1590s.  Then came La Salle in 1685, followed by a host of Spaniards who established missions and forts throughout Texas in the 1700s.
    This document contains summaries of many of these early visits to Texas during the Spanish Colonial and Mexican occupation before 1836.  References to primary sources are given in each case, to allow the interested reader to pursue additional details.  Click on the following link to read about these accounts of Texas while most of it was still an uncharted wilderness.

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