Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Atascosito Road

The Atascosito Road was one of the two main roads to Texas used by Americans responding to the colonization efforts of empresarios Stephen Austin and Green DeWitt.  It and the Coushatta Trace led directly to San Felipe, the colonial capitol, where newcomers were required to register their presence, thus placing their names in the queue for a land grant.  The eastern part of this important early road was blazed in 1754 as a supply line for the new Orcoquisac complex, a presidio and mission on the lower Trinity River.  The full length of the road was used extensively during the decade following the Louisiana Purchase, to supply a Spanish garrison on the Trinity called Atascosito.  During the Republic years portions of this road fell into disuse as other routes were developed to connect the new settlements.  Today only a few miles of the original road that ran from La Bahia to the Sabine River remain in use.   Click below to read about the Atascosito road.

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